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Turbo Volcano Albums, EPs, and Singles

Turbo Volcano: Ride the Lava
Turbo Volcano: Welcome to the 25th Century
Turbo Volcano: My Mind is Melting
Turbo Volcano: The Sun Never Sets on the Sun
Turbo Volcano: She Wears Pink but Flies a Blue Lion
Turbo Volcano: Future Spa
Turbo Volcano Future Year 1982
Turbo Volcano Supernova Robot Dungeon

Turbo Volcano Demo Tracks

Turbo Volcano is new. So new, that we actually come from the future. The future of 1982. Please enjoy our demo tracks in production. We have plans to expand our favorite tracks, polish, refine, and release them as an album.

Response from the Dark Nebula

Could This Be Laser Love in Another Galaxy Far Far Away?

When You Fall in Love with a Robot Who Transforms Into a Firetruck

We Built This City on the Burned-Out Radioactive Rubble of Another City

Ride of the Unstoppable Super Ninja Seagulls from Mars

Subtle Snorings of the Sleeping Cosmic Neon Walrus

Welcome to the Morass of Silence (Demo)

If It Bleeds We Can Kill It, Bring It Back To Life and Then Kill It Again

Soylent Green is People, So Why Should It Be That You and I Taste So Awfully

Blagthorr and the Snow Frog

Disco Tiger Feeds on Future People

Help, Help, The Laser Meteor is Eating My Face

I Did What I Did Before Blast Processing Came To Town (Demo)

Why the Asteroid Belt Vanished Into the Laser Abyss (Demo)

The Eternal Sadness of the Nearly Extinct Laser Turtles (Demo)

The Unfortunate Demise of the Gibbous Third Moon of Endarrr (Demo)

She Blinded Me with Computational Mechanics

Zarlor's Revenge

Nefarious Deeds Done Cheaper Than One Might Expect (Demo)

My Robot Brain was Seduced by the Event Horizon

Intergalactic Cosmic Future Forms

What Happens in the Black Hole Stays in the Black Hole

As we create our songs that will eventually form a full-length album on vinyl and cassette, you can enjoy bits and pieces and experimental clips as we assemble tunes for all CGR Publishing product videos, 80s Comics reviews, Old Time Kitchen, and of course the CGR Podcast featuring TURBO VOLCANO.

Subscribe and keep coming back for an in-depth look at Turbo Volcano creation, our synth gear, and music videos. If you like 1982 (in the future) as much as we do, you'll dig Turbo Volcano like a flock of seagulls digs running away.

*Album release slated for end of year 2022. Clips in production can be heard now in our videos spread across the CGR Universe.