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Future Spa

Turbo Volcano: Future Spa
Turbo Volcano: Future Spa

Play clip from Fortress of Zardozz.

Release Date: May 7, 2022
Artist: Turbo Volcano
Length: 61 Minutes
Genre: Electronic, Electronica, Industrial, Experimental

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Release notes: I'm not sure how to classify Future Spa. It sounds unlike any other album that I've ever heard before.

From the moment the launch sequence grabs ahold of you and sends you into the bass guitar dimension of futuristic disco-tronic sci-fi opulence caressed by the lascivious tentacles of synthesizer bliss the music never lets go.

"The transporter beam melted my brain and it feels wonderful."

There is an interesting mix of songs on Future Spa. I worked with the Moog DFAM to create many of the mysterious background space effects and added the Roland 606 for a retro drum machine sound on top of them.

The Nord Drum 3P shines in many of the tracks like Zone of Danger, Transporter Malfunction, Gold Digging Space Muffin, and Fortress of Zardozz. It brings a big sound that stands out from the chaos of the music in a retro funky way which really makes it shine.

Turbo Volcano's sister band, Omega Ronin, adds an 80s synthwave flair to Zone of Danger and Alpha Fighter. And then there's Future Spa, which sounds especially sleazy, just like a future spa should sound.

Mark Bussler
Turbo Volcano

Track List:

  1. Gold Digging Space Muffin
  2. Future Spa
  3. Zone of Danger (feat. Omega Ronin)
  4. A Derelict Spacecraft
  5. Transporter Malfunction
  6. Supertrooper Juice Bar
  7. Xenomorph Revolution
  8. Fortress of Zardozz
  9. Alpha Fighter (feat. Omega Ronin)
  10. Ultramega Robot Man Needs Love Too
  11. Echoes in Vapor
  12. Voyage to the Computer Brain