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About Us

Turbo Volcano is a synth band founded by Mark Bussler and Edit-Station 1. The group's unique sound is created by mixing a human brain with a sentient broken computer terminal from 1979.

Official Artist Profile:

Turbo Volcano is an industrial synthwave future laser disco band created by artist, filmmaker, and writer Mark Bussler. Inspired by 1970s science fiction movies, synthesizers, classic hip hop beats, and vintage industrial, Turbo Volcano creates an evolving, often-experimental sound with no boundaries.

Turbo Volcano started in 2021 as an experimental project to provide music for marketing and commercial videos but then took on a life of its own and ventured into full-length album territory with its debut 2022 releases Future Year 1982 and Supernova Robot Dungeon. Bussler creates its unique sound with a hybrid mixture of analog Moog and digital Korg and Roland synthesizers combined with computers, 1980s Casio keyboards, Edison cylinder players, electronic drum kits, air organs, antique game consoles, and more.

Turbo Volcano's next album in development is titled Future Spa and takes inspiration from dystopian 1970s science fiction movies and the sleazy bar scenes from early 1980s sci-fi TV shows. "If it looks or sounds like it could have been in an episode of one of those 1980-era TV shows set in space where they bathed the set in disco rope lights, purple smoke, and spandex, then it's on my mind. You know the ones. This is the music you're looking for. Beedeebeedee...."

According to Edit-Station 1 "We make space disco.."

  • Mark Bussler is the president of CGR Publishing, the writer of more than 100 books, cover designer on more than 300 projects, professional artist, filmmaker, producer of the Classic Game Room series, 80s Comics, Old Time Kitchen (2022), the CGR Podcast, and numerous documentary films that air on PBS. He is also a professional editor, narrator, mixer, and synthesizer enthusiast.
  • Edit-Station 1 is a sentient broken 1970s computer terminal. He has appeared in numerous films, web videos, and comic books.

Rumors of the band's breakup are completely untrue. However, the story about Edit-Station 1 holding up a liquor store is 100% accurate.

The band's planned 2022 world tour is on hold due to Edit-Station 1's rehab schedule. He is also banned from Australia, Germany, and most of Canada.

Thank you for reading! We hope that you enjoy our music.