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News 8-9-2022: Hello! The Turbo Volcano website is under construction in August 2022. Check back to see additions and changes as we add all of the albums, videos, and Turbo Volcano product designs. The next full-length Turbo Volcano album is scheduled to release in September 2022. Turbo Volcano's publisher is CGR Publishing.

Turbo Volcano designs are sold primarily through but also other retailers (more information coming soon.) Our products are sold internationally.

Newest Designs

Newest Albums

Turbo Volcano: Ride the Lava
Turbo Volcano: My Mind is Melting
Turbo Volcano: The Sun Never Sets on the Sun
Turbo Volcano: She Wears Pink but Flies a Blue Lion
Turbo Volcano: Future Spa
Turbo Volcano: Welcome to the 25th Century
Turbo Volcano Future Year 1982
Turbo Volcano Supernova Robot Dungeon

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