Tubo Volcano is an electronic synth band from Future Year 1982 inspired by 80s synth-pop, 90s industrial, disco, classic hip hop, and synthwave. Our songs can be heard in CGR Publishing produced videos and right here at TurboVolcano.com! We use a variety of Moog analog synthesizers, Casio keyboards, Bontempi air organs, Edison Cylinders, Korg synthesizers, an Akai sequencer, and intergalactic future space robot voice.

Goldfish Varieties and Tropical Aquarium Fishes CGR Studio video featuring Turbo Volcano music

Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe studio video with Music by Turbo Volcano.

Turbo Volcano featured in the 80s Comics review of G.I. Joe #30!

Turbo Volcano featured in a CGR Publishing video about How to Draw Womens' Eyes Inspired by Classic Illustrations!


1-16-2022 We're slowly starting to organize this site! We're been so busy making music that our design process slowed down a bit.

You can now listen to the completed songs on our Music section. You'll hear the music evolve as Mark and Edit-Station 1 get used to an all-new studio, new music editing software, and new synthesizers.

A vinyl album is being looked into. Mark plans a full-length science fiction journey told through sound.

Turbo Volcano music is being featured in the CGR Podcast, 80s Comics videos, and CGR Studio commercials. We bring the future space music to your laser brain.

1-2-2022 New Turbo Volcano designs for t-shirts, hoodies, and more are in production and will appear on the site soon.

12-31-2021 Happy new year from Turbo Volcano! It's 1982 and we're celebrating by playing Yars' Revenge and drinking Tab.

12-24-2021 Turbo Volcano is currently recording new music in the CGR Publishing Studio (aka the Intergalactic Space Arcade) for upcoming CGR Podcasts, video shorts, commercial work, and 80s Comics.

Follow the CGR Publishing newsletter to learn about upcoming releases, production videos, studio setup, and more. We'll send announcements when we release new material.

Prepare your brain for upcoming digital and vinyl albums.

Listen to the weekly CGR Podcast featuring Turbo Volcano podcast (Turbo Volcano tunes appearing in 2022)

The 2022 series of 80s Comics videos will feature Turbo Volcano.

Turbo Volcano brand clothing on Amazon is licensed and official. New designs are inbound.